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IA II Solid Aluminum Block  
IA II Pontiac Engine Block (side)

IA II Solid Aluminum Block
Sleeves not included
3" Main
Price: $5,595.00 ea.
Part Number: APSJBS
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  • Our IA II blocks are machined by one of
    the best aftermarket engine machine shops in the country.
  • All blocks are checked on a CNC coordinate measuring machine with-in process probing during manufacturing.
  • IA II Blocks come with a full warranty
    for material and workmanship.*
  • USA Made Sleeves available - $800
  • Machining for lifter bushings - included
  • 55mm cam tunnel - included

Finishing kit:
Includes all pipe plugs, 5/16 dowel pins.

Oil Pump Drive Shaft included in price.

We reserve the right to change the dimensions
of the block and materials without notice.

IA II “Strongest Aftermarket Pontiac Block” Features:
  • High Alloy Modified
  • Siamese Cylinder bores
  • Four-bolt steel main caps
  • Main webs thickened to the
    maximum for added strength
  • Wider pain rails
  • Thicker deck surfaces
  • Improved Oiling
  • Solid Lifter gallery with drilled oil returns
  • Lifter feed oil holes tapped 1/4 - 20 for oil restrictors
  • Bronze lifter bushings optional
  • Dual bell housing bolt patterns for both
    Pontiac and "corporate" transmissions
  • Bottom of cylinders are notched to clear
    strokes up to 4.75”, 5.0 stroke possible
    with some grinding
  • Motor mounts for the standard Pontiac
    5-bolt motor mount pattern
  • Accepts all OEM Pontiac parts
    plus many other improvements

Packaging and Handling $4.95 each order
Plus shipping charges

Crating charge for shipping is $150.00 per crate. F.O.B. point of shipment origin.