About Us

AllPontiac.com was formed in 2003 by serious Pontiac racing enthusiasts, Bob Cacciotti and Frank Gostyla.

The starting point for any serious performance engine is the block.

When the tooling for the only existing" traditional" aftermarket Pontiac block became available, the tooling was purchased by Frank and Bob. AllPontiac.com was then formed to bring the block back to the market after being out of production since 2001.

Using the original Indian Adventures block tooling, Dennis Russ of Roush Industries was brought onboard to retool and recast the block. He corrected the known issues with the original castings and machining. The block was then renamed "IA II".

AllPontiac.com is dedicated to the needs of Pontiac racers by providing and improving the highest quality "traditional" Pontiac high performance parts.

Business Owners Profile:

Bob Cacciotti - age 51 , Owner/President of High-Tech Machine Mfg. Inc.

Co-Owner of AllPontiac.com and Racinggirlapparel.com

Frank Gostyla - age 58, Retired manager, United Parcel Service Inc.

Co-Owner of AllPontiac.com and Racinggirlapparel.com