Customer Rides - Scott Roberts

At The Shop

We are almost there with Scott Roberts car.
We will test next weekend at VMP.


Cops came to the shop today because we set
off the alarms on many buildings near the shop.


Virginia Motorsports Track


Virginia Motorsports Pontiacs in the Park 2010 - Scott Roberts


Pontiac Burn Out - Scott Roberts


Pontiac Record Run - Scott Roberts



New Pontiac ET Record 6.599 @speed 184.85 MPH

Dave got out of the groove at the 1,000 foot mark and pedaled it

    03-07-2009 03-28-2009
    Virginia Motorsports Track      
High-Tech Machine Shop

Scott Roberts FUNNY CAR 03 07 09



Dirty Bird

New Paint Job for "Dirty Bird"



New Pontiac MPH Record

6.59 @speed 213.5 MPH


New Pontiac MPH Record

6.52 @speed 213.0 MPH

    04-04-2009 05-16-2009
    Pontiac Heaven       Virginia Motorsports Park at the Little Guy Nationals

Scott Roberts FUNNY CAR 04 04 09



Dirty Bird at the line 05 16 09




Dirty Bird runs Fastest ET at the Norwalk Pontiac Nationals
August 2009 Racing Event

6.63 @speed 211.5 MPH

    Dirty Bird runs 6.63 @ 211.5 MPH Fastest ET       Dirty Bird 2nd pass at Norwalk


    GTO George and the Dirty Bird Run       Dirty Bird Burn Out