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IA II Standard Deck Block  
IA II Pontiac Engine Block (side)

IA II Standard Deck Block
Now available in
4.145", 4.245", and 4.345" Bore
3" Main
Price: $3,995.00 ea.
Part Number: APSJB
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  • Our IA II blocks are machined by one of
    the best aftermarket engine machine shops in the country.
  • All blocks are checked on a CNC coordinate measuring machine with-in process probing during manufacturing.
  • Every block is pressure tested and
    comes with a sonic test sheet.
  • IA II Blocks come with a full warranty
    for material and workmanship.*
  • Machine for Lifter Bushings $425.00
  • Machine for Large Cam Tunnel $500.00

Finishing kit:
Includes all pipe plugs, 5/16 dowel pins and Standard screw in Freeze Plugs. $99.00

Oil Pump Drive Shaft included in price.

IA II “Strongest Aftermarket Pontiac Block” Features:
  • High Alloy Modified
  • ASTM class cast iron block
  • Siamese Cylinder bores
  • Four-bolt steel main caps
  • Main webs thickened to the
    maximum for added strength
  • Wider pain rails
  • Thicker deck surfaces
  • Improved Oiling
  • Solid Lifter gallery with drilled oil returns
  • Lifter feed oil holes tapped 1/4 - 20 for oil restrictors
  • Bronze lifter bushings optional
  • Redesigned cooling with added water
    holes in the back for better water flow
  • All blocks are dry decked
  • Threaded freeze plugs
  • Dual bell housing bolt patterns for both
    Pontiac and "corporate" transmissions
  • Bottom of cylinders are notched to clear
    strokes up to 4.75”, 5.0 stroke possible
    with some grinding
  • Motor mounts for the standard Pontiac
    5-bolt motor mount pattern
  • Accepts all OEM Pontiac parts
    plus many other improvements
   IA II Pontiac Engine Block
Part Number APSJB
Block Material ASTM Class 35 Cast Iron Tensile Strength 35,000 psi Copper, Chrome , Molybdenum, Vanadium, Nickel, Titanium (1) Brinell Hardness Testing
Cylinder Wall Type Siamese
Cylinder Wall Thickness .200 (2)
Deck Height 10.240"
Cylinder Bore Options 4.145", 4.245", and 4.345"
Number Main Cap Bolts 4
Main Cap Bolts Dowel pinned and splayed
Main Cap Type Billet Steel
Cam Tunnel Options 50 mm or 55 mm
Crank Journal 3"
Crankshaft Seal 2 pc
Max Cylinder Stroke 4.75"
(1) A brinell hardness and tensile strength is check on every pour.
(2) .200 thick is a target thickness estimated only
* See our Conditions of Sale  page.

A sonic sheet is given with all blocks shipped.

We reserve the right to change the dimensions
of the block and materials without notice.


Packaging and Handling $4.95 each order
Plus shipping charges

Crating charge for shipping is $150.00 per crate. F.O.B. point of shipment origin.